Interface Skills in English

A Totally Communicative Approach to Language Learning


English courses designed for:  professions of all types as well as for medical and legal practices. 

Better English skills using an authentic simulation format.... rehearsals for presentations, workshops and seminars.

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The courses listed are designed by the entities which produced them to train people

in the specific skills and techniques mentioned in their titles. My idea has been

to use them also as an excellent vehicle for English language instruction.



  • Be Prepared To Lead : Applied Leadership Skills for Business Managers.


  • Be Prepared To Speak : A step-by-step guide to Public Speaking.


  • Be Prepared To Sell : How to sell a Product, a Proposal or an Idea.


  • Be Prepared For Meetings : How to lead Productive Business Meetings.


  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace : How to avoid needless office conflict to promote a profitable employment environment.


  • Marketing Strategy : A step-by-step process for developing a superior marketing plan.   Source: the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


  • Managing People : Expand your human influence and maximize your organizational power.   Source: Professor Charles Dwyer of the Wharton School.










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